You Got This Mama!

You Got This Mama!

I originally intended to publish this blog to coincide with the timing of Mother’s Day. However as usual my ‘Mum Life’ got the better of me. So here I am, a few weeks late but better late than never.

It got me thinking why should I wait for the one day a year we salute our hard-working Mums when every day we work hard, make sacrifices and survive on way too little sleep!

I’ve not been shy in coming forward about my personal struggles with PND, (post-natal depression) anxiety and just generally feeling overwhelmed with Motherhood. My son is approaching two years old now and I am proud of how far I have come battling my mental health and juggling running a business and homelife.

Although I still struggle with constantly feeling guilty. If I spend the day playing with my son, doing some housework and going for walk with my nature loving child I feel like I’ve given my all to him and that I’m being a good Mum and wife and that makes me feel amazing. Then I feel guilty for neglecting my business, not keeping on top of my emails and being quiet on social media. I feel like my life is a constant juggling act at times. Now I am not complaining one bit. I realise just how fortunate I am to be able to start a career doing something I love and being able to have my tantruming trusty side kick by my side every day instead of in childcare.

It’s just having it being a Mum is really hard work!! Obviously, we love our children. We feel pain when they are in pain. When they are happy it makes us happy. The overall vibe of our day depends on if our children have had a good day. And we wouldn’t change that for the world. Our children have become our world. And rightly so, they didn’t ask to be born so we should strive to be the best Mothers we can be.

However sometimes we need to remember we are only human we are gong to make mistakes! We are going to forget to pack the nappy cream, we might be late picking them up from nursery, we are not always going to be patient to listen to baby shark for 100th time in a row, we are going to rock a messy bun and not find the time to put on a bit of make up (and when we do it’s been that long we’ve forgotten how to apply it). We are not robots we are juggling our own emotions and vulnerabilities while trying to guide our little ones into confident and caring little people.

When I was at my lowest, I needed to be reminded of that. I needed to be told I was doing well and that it’s OK to struggle and better days are coming. Even if I did not fully believe people when they told me it just felt reassuring to hear it.

So that is why I have decided to make it my aim to tell all my lovely customers that. From today every person who places an order from the website will receive a small gratitude gift. Whether you are the parent ordering for your own child or you are purchasing a gift for a friend the idea is to spread some positivity to our Mum’s. To let them know they are doing amazing and to remember to take a moment to acknowledge themselves. No matter how big or small the order placed is everyone will receive a gift.

Whether you are a new Mum, an experienced one, a foster Mum, a step-Mum or any other valued type of Mum you got this!!

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